The Next Frontier – TV & Cross-Screen Marketing

KV_The Next Frontier - TV and Cross-Screen Marketing

Despite the fact that we spend more and more time on smartphones and tablets in this multi-screen era, turning on TV is still something we often do when we are at home.

ANA and Nielsen’s survey showed that mobile phone and tablet will be the most important screens for users in 2016, while traditional TV will continue to decrease its importance. Yet, we can still see a tremendous growth on connected TV in three years.

If we take a look at the US ad spend forecast by media type in 2015, TV and digital ad spends are total 70%, and the rest 30% are other offline activities. We can see big opportunities with TV and Cross-Screen Marketing.

Graph_US ad spend forecast

As a marketer today, you always want to spend your marketing dollars on a macro level, and look at it more holistically. All screens are important, but how to unify your marketing effort when marketing channels are fragmented becomes the biggest challenge for all marketers.

The current state of TV buying is lack of data. Viewership of channels can not identify who are in front of the screens and the viewers’ interests. TV buying is becoming obsolete for marketers.

This might change very soon.

The future state of TV buying should enhance with data. Adding intelligence to TV advertising through comprehensive data analysis can increase response rate. That is associating TV with other screens, such as PC, smartphone and tablet.

The great content needs to be delivered in a way that can be consumed on every device. The most effective digital campaigns are those that run across screens including PC, mobile, tablet and TV.



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