The appetizer before the entree – why sampling is important.

KV_Why sampling is important

Is sampling necessary for online campaigns? Yes. The point is how long it needs to take.

When you are ready to promote your campaign, you always want to find out who’re your most valuable users, and hope they could interact with your campaign.

Every campaign is unique. They have different objectives and goals. It’s hard to predict who will be your target users before sampling. Sampling is the process of selecting users from the target population. After sampling, your campaign optimization will be more effective.

So, what makes Appier different during the sampling period?

Appier doesn’t start sampling from all population. Appier’s A.I. engine intelligently buys across various ad exchanges and ad networks and collect user profiles for further optimization. The length of sampling depends on the campaign objective and previous data. If you have run similar campaigns with Appier before, the sampling period might be shortened.

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