Appier at SEQUOIA:: HACK 2015

When hackers meet hackers at the the third edition of the annual Sequoia::Hack, happening at ITC Gardenia, Bangalore, India, Appier’s CEO Chih-Han Yu, CTO Chia-Yung Su and founding team member Ying-Jui Chen are invited to join as mentors to share their expertise and experience.

This year, Sequoia Capital’s annual 24-hour hackathon in Bangalore goes live this weekend as more than 700 teams of developers hack away in one of the special developer events in india. The hackathon always can differentiate itself from other regular ones that tend to skew the younger by having more senior folks.

Our CEO Chih-Han Yu will be sharing his experience in building a startup company with breakthrough technologies at the CEO Lounge on Sunday, August 30, as well as answering questions from folks who set the product and direction and want to create a powerful engineering team.

Though the rest of us at Appier are not there with them, we are still excited about the inspirational event with thousands of brightest minds to hack away to come up with great ideas and solutions.

Stay tuned. We will share some pictures from the event with you soon on our Facebook page, LinkedIn page and Twitter timeline.

Appier Global Hack – Everyone can be Hackers!


Everyone can be hackers.

Last Friday, Appier held its second Appier Hack event with beer and snacks as usual. We at Appier believe that great innovation comes from everyone, not just engineers. This time, we invite all Appiers to join Appier Hack.

2015-02-06 17.19.50

The topic is “the next generation advertising innovation”. With everyone’s energy and creativity, we have come up with many great ideas. When we transform those ideas into reality, who knows…maybe some of them will shack the advertising industry in the near future.

2015-02-06 19.07.30

Appier Hack has already become our tradition. We hope everyone here can devote their creativity and create a true One Appier family. For more Appier Hack photos, check our Facebook.