Appier Webinar: Tips on Improving Reach and Engagement across All Screens

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Statistics in the Appier Cross-Screen User Behavior Research Report for the first half of 2015 indicate a steady increase in multi-device usage and the continued sophistication of cross-screen user behavior. With more users shopping across multiple devices, understanding the user experience on each individual screen is key to better reach and enhanced interaction. In this webinar, Appier’s Chief Operating Officer Winnie Lee will be sharing tips on enhancing online ad interaction and accelerating conversions.

When: October 15, 2015, at 1:00 PM (GMT+8)

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  • Screen size and OS user preferences
  • Influence of device type and screen size in gaming and retail
  • Influence of creative formats on the mobile interface

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Appier Research Report: Cross-Screen User Behavior Insights, Asia 1H 2015


Download Full Report (English)
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The multi-device dynamics has forever altered the marketing landscape, radically changing the methods by which advertisers communicate with their existing and potential customers in Asia. As the number of devices operated by a single user grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to predict user behaviors and patterns across all devices, presenting a daunting challenge to marketers: how to leverage big data to fully understand and accurately predict cross-device usage and user behavior.

To help marketers better understand user behaviors across devices, as well as design and effectively deploy cross-screen marketing strategies tailored to Asian markets, we have released a comprehensive research report on the cross-screen user behavior in the first half of 2015.

The research report provides an overview of key trends in multi-device usage and corresponding user behaviors in 10 Asian markets during the first half of 2015 by analyzing 490 billion data points from the Appier database. Markets covered in the report include Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Download the report now to be the first to access:

  • Trend indicators for multi-device ownership and user behavior / pattern complexity
  • Comparison of cross-screen user behavior on PCs, smartphones and tablets by day of week and time of day
  • Screen size and operating system trends in Asia based on user preferences
  • Influence of device types and screen sizes on ad interaction and opportunity

User Behavior Insights in Asia Help You Smartly Advertise Games Across the Region

User Behavior Insights in Asia Help You Smartly Advertise Games Across the Region.

Appier releases cross-screen user behavior insights giving game marketers an inside look into gamers’ profiles across different devices to build smarter promotion.

This infographic, based on a sample of 370 billion data points from Appier database in the second half of 2014, is designed to provide marketers in the gaming industry with insights on how the users interact with gaming ads across different devices – smartphones, tablets and PCs.

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Meet Appier at Taipei Game Show – A leading audience targeting platform for high-quality user acquisition


It’s excited to see all the gamers, developers, publishers in Taipei for Taipei Game Show. Hope you have enjoyed the first day and meet lots of friends here.


Appier delivers targeted gamers and best ROI for our clients. From building awareness, driving actions, to enhancing marketing returns, Appier intelligently bundles absolute audience-based requirements and targeted performance solutions to meet your marketing goals.

This year is crowded than last year. So many excited new games and technologies are happening. Look forward to meet you all today. Appier booth: [email protected] Zone.

Game Connection: Connect with Users, Turn Them into Loyal Gamers

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This year again we attended the Game Connection Europe in Paris Porte de Versailles from the 28th to the 31st of October; right next to the Paris Games Week. As you might expect from these events, since they are respectively the biggest B2B and B2C trade shows in the Gaming industry in France, there was a huge crowd of visitors, eager to share their passion for video games.

The Game Connection is a special event, not only because it proposes a large set of French delicacies, but especially because it is the occasion to meet the whole gaming ecosystem, from indie studios, to the major publishers and exotic partners (such as us) from around the globe.

In that sense, it is a great place to see original projects and innovative gameplays, maybe from a more humble perspective than what you usually see in global events.

The event itself was very well organised, with a very efficient meeting optimization tool, producing short condensed and straightforward meetings. A special mention for the generosity and conviviality of the after-work events, allowing great networking time.

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Game Connect Asia Pacific 2014 – Appier is Now in Australia

GCAP-04 (2)

Appier attended its first GCAP conference since opening the doors of its Australian office in early September 2014. The Australian developer and gaming community is of huge importance and as such it was important for Appier to understand the market, the skills within it and the pressures that are faced by it each day.

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