On the Future of Artificial Intelligence as a Business Game Changer

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been trending since August, with interest in the hot topic spiking even higher following a release from MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) announcing the allocation of 10 billion Japanese yen to build a research center dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. Despite the trend toward broader applications – Nikkei Big Data just recently published a special 100-page feature titled Everything You Wanted to Know about AI – Artificial Intelligence in Japan remains almost exclusively the purview of robot R&D.

At a special occasion held on September 25 at Academy Hills in Tokyo, Chih-Han Yu, CEO and co-founder of Appier, and Nobuyuki Idei (出井伸之), former chairman of Sony Group and current CEO of Quantum Leap, came together to discuss at length The Future of Artificial Intelligence as a Cutting-edge Technology for Businesses.

During the forward-looking discussion, the two CEOs delved into how AI and Big Data are changing the way we do business, especially in the areas of advertising and marketing.

Yu said the implications for AI are far-reaching, and that AI will soon help businesses make smarter decisions, personalize information, and decide on a course of action through real-time intelligent analysis of feedback. Elaborating further, Yu described how AI’s built-in learning mechanism would allow for continuous self-improvement, leading businesses straight to the best solution every time.

Applying AI to the mainstream business model won’t happen overnight, but as Yu pointed out, Appier has already harnessed the power of AI to create highly accurate prediction models that help marketers gain insight into cross-screen user behaviors, giving them the inside information they need to achieve their business goals.

Yu takes pride in his accomplishments in robotics. He has researched and developed several prototypes in projects at Stanford and Harvard, including four-legged robots and transformers. He was also on the Stanford University team that developed the winner of the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge. The self-driving vehicle has since gone on to gain worldwide fame as the Google Self-Driving Car.

Idei has been credited with making SONY a household name in the 1990s, and overseeing SONY Group’s greatest period of growth. He has also been a leading figure in the development of Japan’s IT strategy, laying the foundation of Japan’s Information Technology Basic Law.

Multi-Device Ownership & Cross-Screen User Behavior

No one will deny the fact that cross-screen trend is happening. Just look at what you have right now, it’s 4 p.m. and you are doing your work on PC, checking text messages on smartphone occasionally, and probably there’s your personal tablet in your bag and you are going to use it for outside presentation.

Two is not enough.

Owned more than two devices is very common for many people. Same trend also can be seen in many Asian markets. According to Appier’s research report, overall speaking, one-fourth of multi-device users (people who own more than two devices) own three or more devices, even for emerging markets.

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How Appier’s AI Robots Overcome Marketer’s Biggest Challenge

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 This article is written by Appier co-founder and CEO Chih-Han Yu.

The world is full of complex decisions and challenges that require resources to address adequately. This is as true of nature as it is of marketing. As the digital advertising market grows at a staggering rate, the complexities of decision making for marketers are also multiplied.

Big Data, one of the most important factors in the marketing world and elsewhere has become extremely crucial. Access to large sources of information present a challenge and an opportunity – whoever can make the most effective and timely use of Big Data to tackle our challenges will emerge as the leader. Making these accurate, real-time decisions, however, can be very resource intensive.

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Highlights from Appier’s Cross-Screen Targeting Party – Welcome to Appier Wonderland

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Thanks everyone for joining us at Appier Wonderland tonight. We had an amazing Friday evening, all thanks to you!

People are constantly surrounded by different devices, from smartphones, tablets, PCs, to  wearables like smart glasses and watches. Appier foresees a future that’s more connected than ever before, and that’s why Appier Cross Screen Targeting was born. We understand the growing challenges for marketers in this hyper-connected era, and developed Asia’s first cross-screen targeting solution  to help marketers engage with their target audiences more effectively across multiple screens.

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