Startup Asia Jakarta – The energy was incredible!

Startup Jakarta 2014

We attended Startup Asia Jakarta for the first time on the 26th and 27th of November 2014. With about 1,800 attendees, the energy was incredible at this year’s Startup Asia Jakarta. It was a really fruitful experience for us, attending talks about successful startup stories and learning about government regulation, startup funding, opportunities and challenges for startups in Indonesia as well as all around Asia.

One of the main event focuses was a hackathon, where startups had the opportunity to join and pitch their ideas (and the winner walked home with a prize of USD $10,000). We met a lot of interesting new app developers at the event and are excited to see how they grow in the region.

We really enjoyed the event and look forward to coming back next year!


Why Adtech Needs Context-Specific Targeting


The advertising problem: advertisers and users are struggling

Advertisements are all too often a nuisance to users. Many ad-blocking software and hardware invented is a proof for this.

While advertisers have come up with an impressive array of methods for breaking users’ attention, users do not welcome such disruption to their browsing. What started with popups has led to videos, enticing headlines, and rich-media Spiderman jumping across the screen. However, these methods, though technical developments, are not without their downsides.

Advertising should not be a struggle or an arms race between advertisers and users. It should be an exchange that benefits both sides.

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