Keep the Lights on – 5 Reasons to Building a B2B Holiday Strategy

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Holiday season is the busiest time of the year for B2C industry. Last week, we shared 5 tips for B2C marketers on holiday season planning. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you, our B2B marketer friends. The holiday season, despite common misconceptions, is an extremely important time for B2B marketers as well, and here’s why:

1. Not everyone is on vacation. Depending on where your target regions are, not everyone is on vacation. A lot of countries, including the majority of Asia and the Middle East (that’s 60% of the world’s population!) don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas. This makes it the perfect time to be there in front of your customers when your competitors are slacking off at home. Not to mention it’s a great time to close deals with those clients that are also trying to use up their Q4 budget before the year is over.

2. This is the time with less noise. For B2B companies, with lesser email and traffic, it’s easier to make your presence felt when compared to the rest of the year. It’s your chance to stand out with less noise. In the digital marketing space, Q4 often offers some of the best performances (quality) for B2B marketers.

3. Front load, front load, front load. As we expect lower business traffic in the second half of Q4, it’s extremely important for B2B marketers to frontload marketing budget. October and November will be key months – don’t let the Q4 budget go to waste! Effective Q4 budget planning can also help to fuel your 2015 sales funnel (we all know how long the B2B sales cycle can be).

4. It’s a great time to do TESTs. So, you’ve still got some budget left to spend this quarter after frontloading and keeping on the campaign throughout the holidays for those awesomely qualified leads. It’s now time for some tests! With the lower-traffic, it’s a great time for testing and sampling. Always wanted to test out those landing pages or banners? Test it out during the holiday season! Use this low-risk period to accrue some valuable learning and data, and you will be ready with fully optimized campaigns come January 1st.

5. Establish and maintain relationship with target customers. B2B holiday campaigns are more than generating instant sales. Q4 is a time that your customers are more likely to be evaluating current vendors and analyzing new alliances and business plans for the next year. Try some branding/education ad campaign this holiday season to stay top of mind when your customers are ready to make that final selection.

Hope we’ve successfully convinced you not to turn off your digital marketing efforts this Q4. You might find some of your most qualified customers during this time. The “2015 you” will thank the “Q4 2014 you” for keeping the lights on this season!




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