Insight for Southeast Asia Mobile User Behavior

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With a population of over 600M, a rising middle class and extremely rapid mobile device adoption, Southeast Asia is undoubtedly one of the world’s most exciting place to be when it comes to mobile technology. Take Malaysia for example, according to Nielsen’s research, close to 50% of Malaysians currently own two or more mobile handsets (phones only, not including tablets or PCs). This number is extremely impressive, especially given the multi-device ownership (mobile phone, PC and tablets) globally, is 19%.

Southeast Asia is an important market to many of our clients and fellow marketers, and we want to spend some time this week on sharing some Southeast Asia specific Cross Screen market and user behavior insights.

Here are three key insights for the overall Southeast Asia, based on Appier’s recent research report:

1. Smartphone traffic is higher on weekends, beginning on Thursday and with Fridays being the highest in volume for most. A pattern that is similar to the overall Asia market. (y axis: impression)

SEA Smartphone traffic


2. Unlike traffic on smartphones, tablet traffic is the highest on Thursdays. (y axis: impression)

SEA tablet traffic

3. While the general mobile traffic pattern is similar across the region, we notice that the peak hour for mobile (both smartphone and tablets) is at 19:00 in Southeast Asia. The peak time for the rest of Asia is generally later, at 20:00. (y axis: impression)


Let’s also take a look at Singapore’s user preference:

  1. For screen size: Mobile phones with 4.0 inch in size dominated Singaporean’s mobile device preference. Tablets with 9.7 inch in size dominated Singaporean’s mobile device preference.
  1. Size preference is shifting. Users in Singapore prefers larger screen sizes for both mobile phone (≧4.7 inch) and tablet (≧8 inch). Conversely, we see a trend in growing number of larger screen smartphones and smaller screen tablets in the other Asian countries.

Singapore mobile and tablet

Appier’s research report is based on real campaign result across 10 Asian markets. From the above observation, we can see that user behavior across devices is very complex and it’s hard to predict. If you are interested in learning more about Appier’s products and solutions, feel free to contact us now.



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