Increase User Experience by Cross-Screen Marketing

KV_Increase User Experience by Cross-Screen Targeting

Many people find online ads are getting annoying. How to make users engage with your ads without annoying them, it’s always been a challenge for advertisers.

Cross-Screen Marketing may help you out.

We have introduced the True Cross-Screen Marketing. True Cross-Screen Marketing focuses not only on delivering the right content to the right devices, but also the right users. Appier’s technology leveraging AI and big data analytics is extremely complex. If done well, Cross-Screen Marketing should be able to:

  • Identify devices owned by target users.
  • Collect user behavior data across their different devices.
  • Deliver appropriate ads based on user’s behavior patterns on different devices.

That doesn’t really explain how we can avoid the user being annoyed by ads.

If you take a look at our technology, you’ll see other features in Cross-Screen Marketing. One is Cross-Screen Frequency Capping, which is something advertisers can use for increasing user experience.

Frequency Capping can identify which devices performed better, and then display more ads on those screens to increase user engagement. What’s more, it can also reduce ad display on users who is no longer interested in the ads. For example, a user just got back from vacation; he might not need to receive so much travel information than before. Advertisers can save more budgets on the right audience at the right time and one the right screen.

At Appier, we think technology is to build to make people happier. Cross-Screen technology not only benefits marketers and advertisers, but also makes users have a better Cross-Screen experience.




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