iMedia Online Retail Summit – What we have learnt from it

Photo_iMedia summit KV

Last week, we attended iMedia online retail summit. It was such an insightful event and we learnt a lot from it. You might be interested in knowing what happened during the event. Below are the key takeaways we recorded for you marketing fellows.

1. Consumers’ attention is now dominated by their mobile devices, to the extent they would rather conveniently look up store inventory and products online with their smartphones or tablets before heading off to physical stores to make purchases. Building a mobile store is an inevitable strategy in the long run.

2. We all know that users today fluidly move between multiple devices. Cross-screen targeting is very important in this new whole era of online marketing. You may also interested in our research report.

3. Online video is everywhere and adoption is growing faster than ever before, in 2015* online video will account for 46% of consumer internet traffic & video streaming will consume >66% of global mobile data *(Source:CISCO). Brand Marketers and Chief Revenue Officers are increasingly adopting video as a key strategy to drive viewer engagement and deliver immediate calls to action/conversion to sales.

4. In a world increasingly powered by digital strategies for marketing and sales, Data, wields considerable power in driving efficiency. Organizations that leverage Data properly will gain significant competitive advantage in how they deploy their limited marketing dollars effectively and drive disproportionate consideration the marketplace.



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