Highlights from Appier’s Cross-Screen Targeting Party – Welcome to Appier Wonderland

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Thanks everyone for joining us at Appier Wonderland tonight. We had an amazing Friday evening, all thanks to you!

People are constantly surrounded by different devices, from smartphones, tablets, PCs, to  wearables like smart glasses and watches. Appier foresees a future that’s more connected than ever before, and that’s why Appier Cross Screen Targeting was born. We understand the growing challenges for marketers in this hyper-connected era, and developed Asia’s first cross-screen targeting solution  to help marketers engage with their target audiences more effectively across multiple screens.

Tonight in Taipei, we hosted our first ever customer appreciation event and officially launched our cross-screen targeting solution to our valued customers.  In addition to introducing Appier’s cross-screen targeting solution and technology, we also showcased various case studies, scenarios and even a demo video for real-life cross-screen targeting applications.


Moreover, we revealed key highlights from our upcoming cross-screen research report. This is the first report of its kind to focus on  cross-screen user behaviors in Asia. In addition, data from this report is based on real campaigns Appier had run in H1 2014. The full report will be released in mid-October. Stay tuned for the first ever cross-screen research report in the region!



We closed the night with some interactive raffle drawing (and a real life application of rich media ads!) Congratulations to our lucky winners!

We had a great time tonight with all of you playing darts and taking goofy Polaroid photos. We hope you had fun as well. See you next time!




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