Game Connection: Connect with Users, Turn Them into Loyal Gamers

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This year again we attended the Game Connection Europe in Paris Porte de Versailles from the 28th to the 31st of October; right next to the Paris Games Week. As you might expect from these events, since they are respectively the biggest B2B and B2C trade shows in the Gaming industry in France, there was a huge crowd of visitors, eager to share their passion for video games.

The Game Connection is a special event, not only because it proposes a large set of French delicacies, but especially because it is the occasion to meet the whole gaming ecosystem, from indie studios, to the major publishers and exotic partners (such as us) from around the globe.

In that sense, it is a great place to see original projects and innovative gameplays, maybe from a more humble perspective than what you usually see in global events.

The event itself was very well organised, with a very efficient meeting optimization tool, producing short condensed and straightforward meetings. A special mention for the generosity and conviviality of the after-work events, allowing great networking time.

General overview

On the mobile gaming industry, which is what interests us, we can see now that all the major studios and publishers are now turning on mobile, and we can observe a significant increase in mobile indie studios and pure players, bringing a lot of freshness in terms of content and ideas, such as educational games and serious games on mobile. Overall, we can see that the mobile gaming industry has been buffed up in terms of creativity and quality; moving from simple porting of PC/Console games into mobile games to real mobile games, with a design and gameplay created and adapted for mobile devices.

When it comes to mobile advertising, the same rule applies, overall the market is starting to gain some maturity in terms of practices.

Programmatic advertising, and going beyond downloads.

Also, with the development of effective monitoring tools, such as tracking and analytics, the advertisers are now aware the cost-effectiveness of each advertisement media. They are now turning away from low ROI acquisition sources and are heavily focusing on programmatic advertising, which allows to display your advertisement in real time to users targeted upon diverse criteria such as the geo-location, age, device, gender, etc and optimized upon KPIs like the average revenue per user, the life time value, or the purchases; the best way to attract the specific users or core audience who will be potentially spending more time and money in your game.

Targeting users across devices

And most importantly, there are more and more people interested in knowing more about cross-device marketing. Being able to understand a user’s behavior across screens and being able to advertise on the most impacting device at the right time is the new frontier of advertising, and at Appier, we were the first company able to successfully realize cross-screen campaigns from desktop to mobile to tablet in Asia. Check out our cross-screen research report!

On this occasion, our COO Winnie Lee will be holding a Webinar to explain a bit more about how the cross-screen targeting works and how we achieve to do it.

Check out our latest posts to know the exact broadcasting time for your time zone!

To conclude, we can say that the Game Connection this year was very intense in terms of business, with very positive trends: a consolidating mobile games industry, a lot of creativity from European companies and a lot of new players in this industry!




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