Game Connect Asia Pacific 2014 – Appier is Now in Australia

GCAP-04 (2)

Appier attended its first GCAP conference since opening the doors of its Australian office in early September 2014. The Australian developer and gaming community is of huge importance and as such it was important for Appier to understand the market, the skills within it and the pressures that are faced by it each day.

Located in Melbourne and run from Tuesday the 28th to Wednesday the 29th GCAP certainly didn’t disappoint with over 400 attendees there to hear from industry luminaries. Each attendee was able to choose between talks structured to provide them the best possible outcome. Appier found the talks to be most insightful and utilised the coffee breaks to introduce the platform and to build advocacy.

Whilst the days were not geared towards networking the evening events on the Tuesday (“Old School party”) and Wednesday (Australian games developers awards) certainly were with a lot of our new connections really opening up on their experiences and how best to engage with this amazing community.

We look forward to joining this event next year. Meanwhile, please don’t hesitate to contact Appier in Australia!





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