6 Tips on Increasing Cross-Screen CTR on Mobile Devices

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Over the last couple of weeks, we have talked a lot about the complexity of cross-screen user behaviors and how important it is to capture them on the right device at the right time. Our recent Cross-Screen research report shows some very interesting findings on these cross-screen user behaviors. Based on these findings, we’d like to share with you some tips on increasing cross-screen CTR on mobile devices.

Tip 1: Enticing Content. Size of the device is not the main factor for CTR performance, content is still the key. While market trend suggests that people are moving towards using bigger smartphones and smaller tablets, the difference of CTR on different size devices is not the key factor. Instead, what we find to be more important are the content of the message, and the positioning of ad banners.

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Insight for Southeast Asia Mobile User Behavior

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With a population of over 600M, a rising middle class and extremely rapid mobile device adoption, Southeast Asia is undoubtedly one of the world’s most exciting place to be when it comes to mobile technology. Take Malaysia for example, according to Nielsen’s research, close to 50% of Malaysians currently own two or more mobile handsets (phones only, not including tablets or PCs). This number is extremely impressive, especially given the multi-device ownership (mobile phone, PC and tablets) globally, is 19%.

Southeast Asia is an important market to many of our clients and fellow marketers, and we want to spend some time this week on sharing some Southeast Asia specific Cross Screen market and user behavior insights.

Here are three key insights for the overall Southeast Asia, based on Appier’s recent research report:

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Keep the Lights on – 5 Reasons to Building a B2B Holiday Strategy

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Holiday season is the busiest time of the year for B2C industry. Last week, we shared 5 tips for B2C marketers on holiday season planning. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you, our B2B marketer friends. The holiday season, despite common misconceptions, is an extremely important time for B2B marketers as well, and here’s why:

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5 Tips to Building a Successful Holiday Ad Campaign

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As we store away our Halloween costumes and enter the month of November, it’s that time of the year again, the Holiday Planning season. Holiday planning doesn’t have to be dreadful – From the Thanksgiving Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, to the last minute Christmas gift purchasing, all the way to the Lunar New Year shopping – these few months are the most important time of the year for all you B2C marketers, and can help you close the year with a bang!

To help you successfully plan and launch your holiday campaigns, we have put together the following 5 effective tips on holiday campaign planning for B2C marketers:

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Does Size Really Matter In Advertising?

Does Size Matter

Looking at the history of mobile device development, it feels like it was centuries ago when cellular phones weighed 2lb+ and were too big to fit into our pockets. (Think: Motorola’s DynaTAC in 1983)

Mobile devices has taken a whole different toll since then, mobile devices have gotten significantly smaller, and with the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007, mobile devices have also gotten much smarter.

While the first decade of rapid mobile device growth focused on developing smaller mobilephones (i.e. Nokia “lipstick” 7280 in 2004), recent smartphone development trends shifted towards the idea of “phoneblet”, an mobile phone device at a size of a small tablet. Apple’s latest iPhone 6 plus is an example of this.

As device manufacturers from all of the world continue to develop all kinds of mobile devices of various sizes – from the netbooks a few years ago, to tablets to smartphones to wearable – we couldn’t help but wonder, what kinds of impact does the size of the devices actually have on the users? Does size really matter?

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Cross-Screen Myth — What is the Real Cross-Screen Targeting?

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From traditional media platform like newspaper and television, to personal computers and tablets, to portable mobile wearables, people are surrounded by an ever-growing number of devices and media channels.

While some may argue that today’s marketing is easier than it was yesterday, with digital social media creating an outlet for possible viral, guerrilla marketing, the reality is that most things don’t just go viral. Less than 0.5% of YouTube video ever get more than 1M views (and 60%+ of all videos don’t even get 1,000 views!)[1], who is it to say that viral marketing is easier and the right approach in this day and age?

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Why Adtech Needs Context-Specific Targeting


The advertising problem: advertisers and users are struggling

Advertisements are all too often a nuisance to users. Many ad-blocking software and hardware invented is a proof for this.

While advertisers have come up with an impressive array of methods for breaking users’ attention, users do not welcome such disruption to their browsing. What started with popups has led to videos, enticing headlines, and rich-media Spiderman jumping across the screen. However, these methods, though technical developments, are not without their downsides.

Advertising should not be a struggle or an arms race between advertisers and users. It should be an exchange that benefits both sides.

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10 Tips to Market Your App and Win the Global Market


You’ve finally developed your dream app and uploaded it to the app store; you have waited days for downloads to come in but just have had no luck.

The competition is fierce. You are still struggling to drive more downloads and differentiate your app from the other hundreds and thousands of apps on the borderless app store.

Appier’s co-founder and CEO Chih-Han Yu shares with us 10 important tips on how to market your app to the global market based on his previous experience running a mobile gaming studio.

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How Appier’s AI Robots Overcome Marketer’s Biggest Challenge

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 This article is written by Appier co-founder and CEO Chih-Han Yu.

The world is full of complex decisions and challenges that require resources to address adequately. This is as true of nature as it is of marketing. As the digital advertising market grows at a staggering rate, the complexities of decision making for marketers are also multiplied.

Big Data, one of the most important factors in the marketing world and elsewhere has become extremely crucial. Access to large sources of information present a challenge and an opportunity – whoever can make the most effective and timely use of Big Data to tackle our challenges will emerge as the leader. Making these accurate, real-time decisions, however, can be very resource intensive.

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The World-Changing Energy – Sequoia::Hack 2014


Our CEO Chih-Han Yu, CTO Chia-Yung Su and founding team member Ying-Jui Chen spent an amazing past weekend in Bangalore, India as part of Sequoia::Hack in September 2014. We felt honored to serve as mentors and judges at this event. More importantly, we were really excited to walk away with so much learning and insights from all the hackathon participants and fellow CTOs.

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