On the Future of Artificial Intelligence as a Business Game Changer

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been trending since August, with interest in the hot topic spiking even higher following a release from MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) announcing the allocation of 10 billion Japanese yen to build a research center dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. Despite the trend toward broader applications – Nikkei Big Data just recently published a special 100-page feature titled Everything You Wanted to Know about AI – Artificial Intelligence in Japan remains almost exclusively the purview of robot R&D.

At a special occasion held on September 25 at Academy Hills in Tokyo, Chih-Han Yu, CEO and co-founder of Appier, and Nobuyuki Idei (出井伸之), former chairman of Sony Group and current CEO of Quantum Leap, came together to discuss at length The Future of Artificial Intelligence as a Cutting-edge Technology for Businesses.

During the forward-looking discussion, the two CEOs delved into how AI and Big Data are changing the way we do business, especially in the areas of advertising and marketing.

Yu said the implications for AI are far-reaching, and that AI will soon help businesses make smarter decisions, personalize information, and decide on a course of action through real-time intelligent analysis of feedback. Elaborating further, Yu described how AI’s built-in learning mechanism would allow for continuous self-improvement, leading businesses straight to the best solution every time.

Applying AI to the mainstream business model won’t happen overnight, but as Yu pointed out, Appier has already harnessed the power of AI to create highly accurate prediction models that help marketers gain insight into cross-screen user behaviors, giving them the inside information they need to achieve their business goals.

Yu takes pride in his accomplishments in robotics. He has researched and developed several prototypes in projects at Stanford and Harvard, including four-legged robots and transformers. He was also on the Stanford University team that developed the winner of the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge. The self-driving vehicle has since gone on to gain worldwide fame as the Google Self-Driving Car.

Idei has been credited with making SONY a household name in the 1990s, and overseeing SONY Group’s greatest period of growth. He has also been a leading figure in the development of Japan’s IT strategy, laying the foundation of Japan’s Information Technology Basic Law.

Appier at iMedia Brand Summit 2015 India

Shiraz at iMedia Brand Summit India 2015

At the 5th iMedia Brand Summit in Goa, India from September 2 to 4, Appier’s senior regional director Shiraz Kabir shared key aspects of multi-screen marketing with senior brand marketers, prominent media agencies, publishers, and technology providers, all of whom have borne witness to the transformation of the digital media landscape, and subsequently, user behavior, with the advent of new-age technology.

The impactful ideas and actionable insights in Kabir’s concise yet comprehensive presentation resonated with a large majority of attendees. Let’s check out what’s cool from Shiraz Kabir in the brief summary as below.

1. The average consumer’s journey on online platforms has become increasingly complex and difficult to map due to rapid advances in digital and wireless technologies. Identifying users and predicting their behavior across all screens is now a daunting and onerous task involving reams of data. At the same time, pinpointing every user action from browsing to completing purchase is becoming more and more critical to a successful marketing campaign.

2. In the age of personalization, one-on-one marketing at scale is key to the success of cross-screen marketing. The ability to identify individual devices and map them to their respective users is crucial to delivering the right ad to the right audience, at the right time, on the right screen.

3. Given the tremendous volume of user data now in circulation, hyper-segmentation has become an absolute necessity, putting your data to work in real time and building individual user profiles so that you know what motivates the individual user and what action should be taken to engage them within the right context and frequency.

4. Let your data do the talking for you. Precise measurement and analysis is key. If analyzed correctly and used in real time, data can help branding professionals target the right audience and drive the right action, giving them a big edge over the competition.

5. With the deployment of the Cross-Screen recommendation engine, Appier Cross-Screen Targeting is able to determine when, with what device, and with which brand to engage customers and acquire new ones, further augmented by tailor-made optimization tools for a successful marketing campaign every time.

Appier at SEQUOIA:: HACK 2015

When hackers meet hackers at the the third edition of the annual Sequoia::Hack, happening at ITC Gardenia, Bangalore, India, Appier’s CEO Chih-Han Yu, CTO Chia-Yung Su and founding team member Ying-Jui Chen are invited to join as mentors to share their expertise and experience.

This year, Sequoia Capital’s annual 24-hour hackathon in Bangalore goes live this weekend as more than 700 teams of developers hack away in one of the special developer events in india. The hackathon always can differentiate itself from other regular ones that tend to skew the younger by having more senior folks.

Our CEO Chih-Han Yu will be sharing his experience in building a startup company with breakthrough technologies at the CEO Lounge on Sunday, August 30, as well as answering questions from folks who set the product and direction and want to create a powerful engineering team.

Though the rest of us at Appier are not there with them, we are still excited about the inspirational event with thousands of brightest minds to hack away to come up with great ideas and solutions.

Stay tuned. We will share some pictures from the event with you soon on our Facebook page, LinkedIn page and Twitter timeline.

Appier Global Hack – Everyone can be Hackers!


Everyone can be hackers.

Last Friday, Appier held its second Appier Hack event with beer and snacks as usual. We at Appier believe that great innovation comes from everyone, not just engineers. This time, we invite all Appiers to join Appier Hack.

2015-02-06 17.19.50

The topic is “the next generation advertising innovation”. With everyone’s energy and creativity, we have come up with many great ideas. When we transform those ideas into reality, who knows…maybe some of them will shack the advertising industry in the near future.

2015-02-06 19.07.30

Appier Hack has already become our tradition. We hope everyone here can devote their creativity and create a true One Appier family. For more Appier Hack photos, check our Facebook.

Meet Appier at Taipei Game Show – A leading audience targeting platform for high-quality user acquisition


It’s excited to see all the gamers, developers, publishers in Taipei for Taipei Game Show. Hope you have enjoyed the first day and meet lots of friends here.


Appier delivers targeted gamers and best ROI for our clients. From building awareness, driving actions, to enhancing marketing returns, Appier intelligently bundles absolute audience-based requirements and targeted performance solutions to meet your marketing goals.

This year is crowded than last year. So many excited new games and technologies are happening. Look forward to meet you all today. Appier booth: [email protected] Zone.

Startup Asia Jakarta – The energy was incredible!

Startup Jakarta 2014

We attended Startup Asia Jakarta for the first time on the 26th and 27th of November 2014. With about 1,800 attendees, the energy was incredible at this year’s Startup Asia Jakarta. It was a really fruitful experience for us, attending talks about successful startup stories and learning about government regulation, startup funding, opportunities and challenges for startups in Indonesia as well as all around Asia.

One of the main event focuses was a hackathon, where startups had the opportunity to join and pitch their ideas (and the winner walked home with a prize of USD $10,000). We met a lot of interesting new app developers at the event and are excited to see how they grow in the region.

We really enjoyed the event and look forward to coming back next year!


Appier Hack – Let Ideas Run Wild

appier hack-03-03 (2)

On this ordinary November afternoon, our teams got together for a special and fun afternoon of Appier Hack.

While we’ve had a lot of informal and smaller scale brainstorming sessions in the past, Appier Hack is a new tradition and the first time that we officially gather all the engineers to think outside of the box and solve world-changing problems. With lots of disruptive ideas, lines of code, beer and pizza, engineers are brought together in an open and fun environment to let ideas run wild.

Brainstorming sessions and hackathons are a key component to Appier’s DNA. It provides an opportunity for Appiers (our employees) to let ideas clash, to test out new innovations and to build the next wave of impossibilities. Some of our best product ideas (and office snacks) have come from these discussions. It also offers a chance for us to openly discuss and collaborate with other people from different teams in a fun environment.

We’re often asked what it’s like to work at Appier. This is what Appier is all about – full of energy and a bunch of crazy ideas and dreams that we make come true.


Roy, our Sequoia mentor, joins us at the first Appier Hack!

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