The Next Frontier – TV & Cross-Screen Marketing

KV_The Next Frontier - TV and Cross-Screen Marketing

Despite the fact that we spend more and more time on smartphones and tablets in this multi-screen era, turning on TV is still something we often do when we are at home.

ANA and Nielsen’s survey showed that mobile phone and tablet will be the most important screens for users in 2016, while traditional TV will continue to decrease its importance. Yet, we can still see a tremendous growth on connected TV in three years.

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Appier Webinar: Cross-Screen User Engagement

KV_cross-screen user engagement

Winnie Lee
Appier’s COO
      People own more devices than we imagine. Users are often engaging with content on multiple screens. What kind of device types and operating systems do they prefer? Are there any cross-screen user behavior differences in different industries? Based on Appier’s cross-screen research report, join Winnie Lee, Appier’s Chief Operating Officer, for more in-depth knowledge on Asian user behavior across PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

March 19th, 2015 at 11:00 AM (GMT+8)

Join us to learn research-based insights on:

  • Market trend for different device types
  • User preference for different operating systems
  • Effects of creative sizes on mobile devices
  • Effects of device types & screen sizes among different industries

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Multi-Device Ownership & Cross-Screen User Behavior

No one will deny the fact that cross-screen trend is happening. Just look at what you have right now, it’s 4 p.m. and you are doing your work on PC, checking text messages on smartphone occasionally, and probably there’s your personal tablet in your bag and you are going to use it for outside presentation.

Two is not enough.

Owned more than two devices is very common for many people. Same trend also can be seen in many Asian markets. According to Appier’s research report, overall speaking, one-fourth of multi-device users (people who own more than two devices) own three or more devices, even for emerging markets.

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Appier Global Hack – Everyone can be Hackers!


Everyone can be hackers.

Last Friday, Appier held its second Appier Hack event with beer and snacks as usual. We at Appier believe that great innovation comes from everyone, not just engineers. This time, we invite all Appiers to join Appier Hack.

2015-02-06 17.19.50

The topic is “the next generation advertising innovation”. With everyone’s energy and creativity, we have come up with many great ideas. When we transform those ideas into reality, who knows…maybe some of them will shack the advertising industry in the near future.

2015-02-06 19.07.30

Appier Hack has already become our tradition. We hope everyone here can devote their creativity and create a true One Appier family. For more Appier Hack photos, check our Facebook.

Meet Appier at Taipei Game Show – A leading audience targeting platform for high-quality user acquisition


It’s excited to see all the gamers, developers, publishers in Taipei for Taipei Game Show. Hope you have enjoyed the first day and meet lots of friends here.


Appier delivers targeted gamers and best ROI for our clients. From building awareness, driving actions, to enhancing marketing returns, Appier intelligently bundles absolute audience-based requirements and targeted performance solutions to meet your marketing goals.

This year is crowded than last year. So many excited new games and technologies are happening. Look forward to meet you all today. Appier booth: [email protected] Zone.

Insights on Asian Consumer’s Multi-Device Ownership & Cross-Screen User Behavior

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Winnie Lee
Appier’s COO
    Not all Asians are the same. The region is as diverse as it is vast. It’s important for marketers to understand your local customers before implementing your marketing campaign. Based on Appier’s latest cross-screen research report, join Winnie Lee, Appier’s Chief Operating Officer, for more insights on Asian consumer’s behavior across PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

February 5th, 2015 at 11:00 AM (GMT+8)

Join us to learn research-based insights on:

  • Multi-device ownership in different Asian markets
  • User behavioral similarity across different devices
  • Comparisons of cross-screen user behavior during different times of the day and different days of the week
  • Gender differences in cross-device usage

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Appier Cross-Screen User Behavioral Insights Report H2 2014

Research report blog kV

Download Full Report (English)
下載報告 (中文)

As we have entered the era of multi-screen, it is important for everyone to understand how we (consumers) interact on different screens at different times and at different markets. In the second half of 2014, Appier analyzed 370 billion data points from our database, covering eight markets, including Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam. This research report is designed to help marketers better understand, design and execute localized and customized Cross-Screen Marketing strategies.

Read this report to learn:

  • Insights on multi-device ownership and user behavioral similarity.
  • Comparisons of cross-screen user behaviors during different times of the day and different days of the week.
  • Trends on user preference for screen sizes, creative sizes and operating systems.
  • Effects of device types and screen sizes in game, retail and travel industries.