Are you ready for Lunar New Year? It’s time to capture the biggest holiday ad traffic in Asia.

Chinese New Year Ad Traffic

Chinese New Year is not only celebrated in China, but also anywhere else in the world with a significant ethnic Chinese population, which is one-fifth of the total global population! The holiday is as important to Chinese as Christmas is to Westerners, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to reach your target audience.

1. Plan now. You may be aware that Chinese New Year’s Eve in 2015 is February 18th. So you still have a month left to organize an ad campaign. Before you begin planning your campaign, you first need to understand all about Chinese New Year and your target audience.

2. Understand user behavior in different markets. How many days off are there for Chinese New Year in different markets? For example, in Taiwan there’s a 6-day holiday starting from Feb. 18, longer than other countries in Asia. You need to fully understand your user life cycles. For more Asian user behavior, you may want to read this.

3. Mobile first. It’s the time of year when people travel back to their hometowns to be with family. Mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones are likely to be the most widely used devices at this time. Creating a mobile campaign for your brand or product will be an effective initiative.

4. Create a customized Chinese New Year ad campaign. As mentioned above, people are on the go at this time of year visiting their families; therefore entertainment-related campaigns should able to engage more effectively with audiences during long trips. 2015 is also the Year of the Sheep. How about putting a sheep on a traditional red envelope to represent a year of prosperity for Chinese?

5. Allocate sufficient budget. Make sure you allocate enough budget across your multi-channel campaigns to reach your customers when they’re looking for you. Cross-Screen Targeting can help you with automatic budget allocation across devices. This might help you get the year off to a great start by hitting a sales peak in 1Q15.

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