Appier Research Report: Cross Screen User Behavior Insights, Asia 2H 2015


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Asia’s love for mobile and the Asian penchant for owning multiple devices is well documented. But today’s multi-device owners in Asia aren’t just mobile — they’re post-mobile. Rather than a one-way move onto their smartphones, data shows that today’s multi-device users are using all of their screens in complex, interconnected ways based on convenience, habit and preference. A trend we can only expect to accelerate as devices — from smartphones to smartwatches and other wearables — proliferate.

Our latest Cross Screen User Behavior Report analyses over 850 billion campaign data points from Appier-run campaigns across 11 markets in Asia, from the second half of 2015, to help better understand user behavior across devices.

Key highlights include:

  • Interacting with 3 or more devices is the norm for Asia’s multi-device users — in fact over half of Asia’s multi device users are switching between 3 screens or more throughout their day.
  • Mobile-first doesn’t mean mobile only — even in a region as famously “mobile first” as Asia, PCs continues to be an important screen for Asia’s multi-device users, generating over 50% as much usage as smartphones.
  • Behaviors across screens are varied and complex — users move between screens according to convenience, habit and preference and device usage varies accordingly on any given day based on a number of factors, from time of day, day of week to gender and market.
  • Majority of multi-device users show a preference for different ad formats on different screens — nearly 7 in 10 of Asia’s cross screen users interact somewhat or completely differently with ads across different screens, displaying different behavior or favoring different ad formats and subject matters.

Download the full report to learn more.



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