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On this ordinary November afternoon, our teams got together for a special and fun afternoon of Appier Hack.

While we’ve had a lot of informal and smaller scale brainstorming sessions in the past, Appier Hack is a new tradition and the first time that we officially gather all the engineers to think outside of the box and solve world-changing problems. With lots of disruptive ideas, lines of code, beer and pizza, engineers are brought together in an open and fun environment to let ideas run wild.

Brainstorming sessions and hackathons are a key component to Appier’s DNA. It provides an opportunity for Appiers (our employees) to let ideas clash, to test out new innovations and to build the next wave of impossibilities. Some of our best product ideas (and office snacks) have come from these discussions. It also offers a chance for us to openly discuss and collaborate with other people from different teams in a fun environment.

We’re often asked what it’s like to work at Appier. This is what Appier is all about – full of energy and a bunch of crazy ideas and dreams that we make come true.


Roy, our Sequoia mentor, joins us at the first Appier Hack!

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