Appier at iMedia Brand Summit 2015 India

Shiraz at iMedia Brand Summit India 2015

At the 5th iMedia Brand Summit in Goa, India from September 2 to 4, Appier’s senior regional director Shiraz Kabir shared key aspects of multi-screen marketing with senior brand marketers, prominent media agencies, publishers, and technology providers, all of whom have borne witness to the transformation of the digital media landscape, and subsequently, user behavior, with the advent of new-age technology.

The impactful ideas and actionable insights in Kabir’s concise yet comprehensive presentation resonated with a large majority of attendees. Let’s check out what’s cool from Shiraz Kabir in the brief summary as below.

1. The average consumer’s journey on online platforms has become increasingly complex and difficult to map due to rapid advances in digital and wireless technologies. Identifying users and predicting their behavior across all screens is now a daunting and onerous task involving reams of data. At the same time, pinpointing every user action from browsing to completing purchase is becoming more and more critical to a successful marketing campaign.

2. In the age of personalization, one-on-one marketing at scale is key to the success of cross-screen marketing. The ability to identify individual devices and map them to their respective users is crucial to delivering the right ad to the right audience, at the right time, on the right screen.

3. Given the tremendous volume of user data now in circulation, hyper-segmentation has become an absolute necessity, putting your data to work in real time and building individual user profiles so that you know what motivates the individual user and what action should be taken to engage them within the right context and frequency.

4. Let your data do the talking for you. Precise measurement and analysis is key. If analyzed correctly and used in real time, data can help branding professionals target the right audience and drive the right action, giving them a big edge over the competition.

5. With the deployment of the Cross-Screen recommendation engine, Appier Cross-Screen Targeting is able to determine when, with what device, and with which brand to engage customers and acquire new ones, further augmented by tailor-made optimization tools for a successful marketing campaign every time.



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