6 Tips on Increasing Cross-Screen CTR on Mobile Devices

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Over the last couple of weeks, we have talked a lot about the complexity of cross-screen user behaviors and how important it is to capture them on the right device at the right time. Our recent Cross-Screen research report shows some very interesting findings on these cross-screen user behaviors. Based on these findings, we’d like to share with you some tips on increasing cross-screen CTR on mobile devices.

Tip 1: Enticing Content. Size of the device is not the main factor for CTR performance, content is still the key. While market trend suggests that people are moving towards using bigger smartphones and smaller tablets, the difference of CTR on different size devices is not the key factor. Instead, what we find to be more important are the content of the message, and the positioning of ad banners.

Tip 2: Engaging Ad Format. Rich media and native ads allow for more user interactions and often result in higher ad engagement. Marketers should experiment with creative ways to leverage ad formats beyond traditional image ads.

Tip 3: The Perfect Time. Mobile activity is the highest during lunchtime, right afterwork and right before bedtime. Leverage the three spikes in a day in mobile traffic to help enhance your CTR.

Tip 4: Aggressive Investment during Peak Periods. As opposed to smartphone usage, users spend more time on tablets on Thursdays and anytime after work, whereas smatphone usages often happen on Fridays or during work hours. Invest heavily during peak periods on each device can increase impressions and clicks more effectively.

Tip 5: Smart Budget Allocation during Off-Peak Periods. Despite the lower usage rate during off-peak periods on mobile devices, it is crucial not to miss out on the (still very high) number of users who are on their mobile devices during these times. Leverage user database to identify high potential users with high engagement rate during off-peak hours and intelligently deliver to them their preferred content and ads on the right devices.

Tip 6: The Right Device. Leveraging user behavior data & machine learning, re-target users that have shown interests in your product before by showing them relevant ads on their other devices.

We hope you find these tips to be helpful – Please feel free to share any feedback and stories with us after trying them out! If you would like to learn more, please also feel free to contact us right away.




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