5 Tips to Building a Successful Holiday Ad Campaign

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As we store away our Halloween costumes and enter the month of November, it’s that time of the year again, the Holiday Planning season. Holiday planning doesn’t have to be dreadful – From the Thanksgiving Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, to the last minute Christmas gift purchasing, all the way to the Lunar New Year shopping – these few months are the most important time of the year for all you B2C marketers, and can help you close the year with a bang!

To help you successfully plan and launch your holiday campaigns, we have put together the following 5 effective tips on holiday campaign planning for B2C marketers:

1. Planning ahead. Don’t wait until December. Now is the time to start planning and get your campaigns running! Put together a Holiday Calendar if you haven’t already. Mark down all the key holidays for your markets, not only Thanksgiving and Christmas, but also Valentine’s Day and all the way to Lunar New Year, a holiday that’s celebrated by more than 60% of the world’s population. Think about your relevant products and messaging for each of the holidays and launch campaigns accordingly. Don’t forget to align sales and operations resources to make sure you have enough people covering the the surge of holiday demand and traffic!

2. Knowing your target audience. Did you know that online shopping is the new window shopping? According to Google, 75% of smartphone shoppers plan to use their phones in-store this holiday season. Obviously, you need to know your target audience’s online user behaviors when planning your holiday campaign. What times of the day are they the most likely to be browsing and shopping? Where are they more likely to convert? Appier’s latest research report shows that users in Asia uses their smartphones and tablets most at 8pm. Reach your target audience and give them what they want!

3. Targeting the right users across devices. Always consider how your customers want to interact with you. You’ve already spent a lot of time building a Holiday Calendar and created a wonderful banner and landing page and now you gotta make sure someone can see the ads. Use Cross-Screen targeting to capture the right audience on the right device and provide them with the right content. Leverage retargeting to capture shoppers across their many devices to get the best ROI.

4. Allocating enough budgets. As today’s marketers, we need to invest in results. Make sure you carefully allocate enough budget across your multi-channel campaigns to make sure that you are in front of the customers when they’re looking for you. Cross-Screen Targeting can help you with the budget allocation across devices automatically, but you will have to plan out the offline and instore spend. Align with internal objectives and allocate enough budgets for your campaign, this might be your last chance to hit those target sales number (and use up the rest of your marketing budget) this year!

5. Testing water to get full optimization. Don’t forget about the testing and sampling period. Don’t wait until mid December to start testing your campaigns. Allow time for your campaigns to accure data so you can go out with a bang at the peak of holiday shopping period. User’s online behavior is complicated, don’t try to predict user behaviors without giving real data a chance to talk and guide you to an optimized success.

Follow these tips and you can make this holiday season the Most Wonderful Time of Your Year.

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