5 Key Digital Advertising Trends You Won’t Want to Miss in 2015

5 digital advertising trends

Happy New Year everyone! As a marketer, you may have already begun putting your 2015 marketing plan in place. For those of you who haven’t got around to it yet, here are five key trends you won’t want to miss in 2015.

1. Everything will be more connected. From smartphones, to PCs, to wearable devices, we are entering an era of multiple devices and ubiquitous connectivity. It’s fascinating to think that the Internet will soon surround us like the air we breathe. Learn how to collaborate across screens, channels, and moments in time to deliver content that is truly within your customer’s lifecycle.

2. Cross-screen targeting encompasses the user lifecycle. Deliver a single experience to customers wherever they are in their lifecycle and give them real-time engagement. People’s attitudes are no longer changed simply while watching TV ads. Now, after watching an ad, consumers search online using multiple devices and multiple sources to evaluate a product and reach an immediate purchasing decision. Therefore, designing a campaign with separate budgets targeting specific devices might not deliver the best results to marketers. Instead Cross-Screen Targeting may now be the optimal solution to reach your target audience, and give you flexibility to achieve maximum ROI.

3. Marketing campaigns will be more data-driven. Advertising campaigns will focus on driving measureable results. From optimizing a campaign’s performance, to targeting the right audience, to driving desired actions, data-savvy marketers need a cutting-edge technology partner to deliver effective and quantifiable results and see how these results connect with other platforms.

4. Quality rather than quantity. We believe you shouldn’t only be looking for impressions, but for your true audience. This means you need to target the right people and make them your loyal customers rather than just trying to reach them by any possible means. Build an interest-based user database to learn the interests of every device user. It’s time to really get to know your customers!

5. Content is the key, even for advertising. There are so many ad formats to choose from: Push Ads provide more active and real-time content, Banner Ads allow you to display either interstitial or innovative rich media ads, content-driven Native Ads help you highly engage with your target users, and Video Ads can provide a better user experience. It’s important to leverage intelligent technology to understand what best fits your audience and provides them with relevant, preferred content.

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